The White Minimalist Nursery: Do Not Fear It

Baby 27

I've got a fabulous nursery tour for you. Say hello to Sebastian's room. Sebastian is one lucky kid -- the adults in his life run a chic baby planner and concierge service that helps expecting parents prepare for the arrival of their little one. It's called Sissy+Marley. And using the fabulous resources at their fingertips, Rachel, Diana and Chelsea created a lovely little oasis for Mr. Sebastian.

There's nothing like a nesting mama to come up with a perfect baby space, right? Keep reading for more pics and all the best sources.

I love this view as you head into the nursery. And I love that Sissy+Marley are not afraid to use white with babies. The dark floors look so warm and sophisticated.

An up-close shot. The huge wall map is from IKEA. The clever deer head is by Tamar Mogendorff. The animal artwork is actually pages from Andrew Zuckerman's book.

The rail of artwork is calming, don't you think? Dresser is by Netto. Vola Glider from Monte. Pom-pom Blanket at Remodelista (love this so much!). The cowhide rug is from West Elm.

The gorgeous mirror is from Serena & Lily. The crib is by Netto. The bookshelves are IKEA. The polo boxes on the shelves are here.

A big thank you to Sebastian for sharing his space with us!

Too minimalist for your taste? Too much white? Or is this right up your alley?

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nonmember avatar Edible Fruit

I think this could be great! The concern would be when the child is about 2-5 and touches everything with those sticky, dirty, little hands.

Veron... VeronicaTex

This is exquisite....What my eye went to immediately was the world map....This would be great even for an older child....especially one whose parents have traveled and consider doing the same with their child in the future.....

                                           spinning globe

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Not my thing.  Looks very institutional.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Too much white for my taste.

Kayleen Laird

It doesn't seem very child like to me. Where's the joy in it? :(

081109 081109

Great room for an adult, good for an infant even, not so much for a baby.

nonmember avatar Jillian

Your link for the bookshelves go to a different set of Ikea bookshelves. Are you sure it's Ikea? I love the even spacing of the shelves and the height, something the linked bookshelf doesn't have. I've flipped through but don't see them, any chance they are something else? Thanks!

nonmember avatar sarah k

I think this LOOKS beautiful NOW. But are my children the only ones who spit up, puke, poop through their diapers, and can project various bodily fluids onto all sorts of distant surfaces? All that white scares me. I know how hard it is to even keep white onesies clean (and the only way involves copious amounts of chemical cleaners). So I think white looks natural, but if you're going to keep it white, it won't end up being very natural. And despite your best efforts, maybe not very white, either. Just keepin' it real here!

nonmember avatar courtney

I absolutely love this! For a new baby who doesn't even really notice his surroundings, the parents are really the ones who benefit. This room seems so calm and serene-- something every new mom can appreciate.

nonmember avatar ICI

love it, love it! but i love all things minimalistic. i would never recommend a white rocker, though. and i think it could use some color. but otherwise, love it.

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