The Breastfeeding Cover That Says, Look at Me!

Once you start to get the hang of breastfeeding, the inevitable time that the baby needs to eat while you're out comes up. Nursing in public has its own set of skills -- learning to get used to holding your baby while sitting on not-so-comfy benches, figuring out how to manage your shirt, or get on a nursing cover. Sometimes not having the Boppy or My Breast Friend pillow for the first time can make moms struggle to get comfortable.

Well never fear!

A company has made sure that not only do you have a Boppy and a nursing cover in one, but that every single person within 300 feet will know you're nursing!


The San Diego Bebe 'Eco-Nursing Pillow' sounds like it could be a decent idea -- taking the comfort of home out with you and your baby while adding in extra privacy for moms who want it.

The thing is, execution of said idea leaves us with this:

Ack! What the heck? Blogger Morgan Gallagher thought that it looked like the nursing mom had Sheyla Hershey-sized boobs while wearing this. Boobs smooshed into a terrible leopard print shirt or bra. But no, that's their contraption that is supposed to make nursing in public easier. One thing is for certain, it certainly isn't discreet. And that interesting design? Well, it, isn't even available. But you can get it in "pink" or "blue" which aren't pictured anywhere. No news on whether or not they have "LOOK AT ME, I'M BREASTFEEDING!" embroidered on them.

Not that it really needs any help.

If you need an image of the inside, here it is. Tell me, how can you put this on in public, without drawing excessive amounts of attention to yourself? And what kind of massive diaper bag would you need to even fit this in?

Among its many, um, features comes the "Quiet-Squeeze™ bucklem" because obviously, it's hearing that click of a buckle snap that is going to make people turn and look at you, which we obviously want to avoid. No one will notice a woman strapping on the world's largest fanny pack with its own built-in tacky apron.

For the low, low price of $56.95, you can own your very own Eco-Friendly Nursing Pillow that won't fit under your stroller, makes nursing in public a giant display (without showing your boobs -- that's skill!), and makes breastfeeding in public infinitely more difficult than it has to be! What do you have to lose?

Will you be running out and buying one right away?


Images via Little Jumping Beans

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