'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Is Anyone Planning to Grow Up Besides the Babies?

The third episode of Teen Mom 2 was less depressing than the last one, but just as baffling. More so than in the past seasons, these girls are really immature and difficult to understand. Suffice it to say, there is no Maci in the bunch.

The closest to Maci is Leah, who does seem to at least be trying. This episode, she is back together with her babies' father, Corey. But that is where the maturity on the show ends.

I am the last person who would tell someone who was a teenager to "grow up," and I think it's sad that they're in these positions, but I didn't put them there. They put themselves there and now it's time for them to act like adults.

Sadly, it seems like it may not be possible.


Jenelle remains the worst offender. She finally signed over custody to her mother, but remains strangely belligerent about it. She wants to do totally inappropriate things with her son like take him to the late night fireworks (he is only 6 months old!) or take him out driving when she knows she can't.

"I'm still Jace's mom and I want to have a part in raising him," says Jenelle. A part? Really? Why don't you want it all? When she wants to be the mom, she is petulant and rude toward the woman who is actually raising her son (her own mom), and when she doesn't, she is spending money on clothing, going out with friends, and signing over her legal custody.

She cannot have her cake and eat it, too. Motherhood is hard work, but she made all the decisions that got her there. Not her mother. She is lucky to have someone who will take responsibility for Jace because I shudder to think where that poor baby might be without Jenelle's mom.

Speaking of poor parents, there is also Adam. Chelsea's ex and baby daddy couldn't have been more distant and difficult. The things he said to her in 16 & Pregnant were downright abusive, but instead of assuming he was scum that needed to stay away from her and her little girl, Chelsea practically cries with joy whenever he comes around. She literally does when she leaves her daughter with Adam and "his boys" and returns to find them feeding the baby.

Wow, high standards there, Chelsea. You weep with joy when the man who fathered your child feeds her. Once. The person I have a beef with here isn't even Chelsea. It's Adam. Just because your lady friend had ridiculously low standards doesn't let you off the hook. Being a good parent is your responsibility, too, and you're going to have to do more than feed the baby on your front porch to prove you have what it takes.

Please grow up, kids. There are impressionable babies all around now.

Do you think the moms and dads need to act more adult?


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