3 Babies Born on Maryland Highway in 1 Week

highwaySomething strange has been happening on the Baltimore Beltway as of late -- a baby boom. Not just one, but three babies have been born on the highway there within a week in cars.

One might be a good birth story, two might make a good local news feature, but three? Three makes you wonder what's up, and if some more dead birds might start falling from the sky soon. Kidding (mostly), but it is a pretty crazy coincidence.

Jim and Denise Deal made the trifecta complete earlier this week and not without some scary stuff going down.


She was a week overdue, but started having contractions before her scheduled induction. They left their house at 6 a.m. for the hospital, and the contractions got stronger quickly.

"We were both getting nervous," Jim told The Capital. "I remember we had just passed Route 3 and she screamed that she thought the baby was coming. I asked her if she felt the need to push and she said yes. That's when I knew it was time to pull over."

But when the baby came, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck; she was blue and wasn't breathing. A 911 dispatcher talked Jim through it, and he was able to free the baby and get her breathing again. A happy ending, but I can only imagine how frightening it was. And a good warning to any couples in the area who want to try and hop on this train -- get thee to a hospital if you're able. 

All in all, three happy endings, and three exciting birth stories. I wonder if these parents will try and meet up with one another and introduce their babies who share such a unique birthplace? Perhaps a playgroup is in order.

After graduating college, I moved to Washington, D.C., where I met three of the best friends I still have today. We'd all lived all over the country and world before we met, but at some point in our friendship, we realized that three of us had been born in the same hospital in Hawaii the same year. Not as coincidental as this highway story, but I love a good birth bonding story and often wonder if my children will encounter people who were born with them. Perhaps my daughter will someday meet the boy they mistakenly brought me instead of her. Wouldn't that be a story?

Did any strange coincidences occur surrounding your baby's birth?

Image via MSVG/Flickr

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