Pet Ferret Eats Baby Fingers: Keep Animals Out of the Nursery!

ferret eats baby fingers
Not Actual Ferret
In another OMG story that proves animals and babies don't mix, a baby in Missouri woke up to having his fingers chewed off by the family's pet ferret. The 4-month-old little boy was sleeping in his baby seat when the father rushed in to find the mother screaming as the ferret had eaten off seven of the boys fingers. The father threw the ferret, it hit the dishwasher, and was killed instantly. 

But this baby boy is going to have a lifetime struggle as his fingers were chewed down to the second knuckle. His two thumbs and one pinkie were all that were left intact.

Jesus, how do you have a wandering rodent in your home with your baby? A 4-month-old who can't even move out of the way? But people make bad judgments with the lives of their children all the time. Remember the toddler killed by a python? And how about all of those dog attacks?


Just in case you're unclear about how to keep that baby safe, here are five things that should never, ever, ever, be allowed in the nursery where an infant is sleeping. Never:

  1. Animals
  2. Pedophiles
  3. Carbon monoxide
  4. Pillows and blankets
  5. Smokers

Seriously, how hard is it to sort out that babies need protection instead of endangerment? I'm sure these parents are devastated, but once you have a baby, your priorities have to shift. It's actually a matter of life or death.

I literally kept my baby in a separate room (challenging when we were in a tiny apartment) from the dog in her first four months of life. It wasn't until she was larger than the dog, and understood the right way to treat her, that I would even consider leaving a room where they both were hanging out. And this is a super chill dog that has never even shown her teeth, much less snapped. Today, my son keeps me on my toes as I separate his grabby hands and the dog constantly. But I'm not willing to let my guard down. I like all of his fingers, toes ... and his face. Animals are not people and cannot be trusted around tiny babies and toddlers. Here is yet another tragic lesson that people seem to keep forgetting.

Do you think it's okay to let your baby around animals?


Image via semarr/Flickr

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