Is It OK to Wear Maternity Clothes After Baby?

mom and newborn babyAs my body slowly bounces back from the birth of my daughter, I find I am so grateful to be living in a culture where everyday fashion is not all that different from maternity fashion.

Not that I plan to rock a pair of jeggings and a babydoll top for the rest of my life, but it's nice to not have to look far for a top that hides my soft post-baby belly (which does go away, right? Ladies?).


I was recently reminded that this wasn't always the case as I began to rewatch the third season of Dawson's Creek -- a.k.a. the best season of television ever -- and was struck by how nearly every female cast member was in a midriff-baring top. (The perpetually cool Michelle Williams was somehow exempt.)

dawson's creekDo you remember those godawful tank tops? And the spaghetti-strap slip dresses that were not built for the busty? And those stretchy t-shirts that were so tight on your stomach that they exposed the outline of your jeans zipper? So glad those days are over.

How the heck did we survive that fashion trend? Were we all just doing those Six Packs Abs DVDs?

The only gripe I have now is how most jeans are cut. Unless you're willing to go for the Jessica Simpson high-waisted look that caused such a stir in 2009, you're stuck with the muffin-top maker. You know what I'm talking about. Jeans that sit so low on your hips that any extra mush gets squeezed out the top like a spare tire?

Oh, God. I think I just expressed a subconscious desire to wear Mom jeans.

What's your post-pregnancy wardrobe? Are you still wearing your maternity clothes?


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