Orlando Bloom & Baby Flynn: Dad's Turn for the Spotlight

Orlando BloomAfter Miranda Kerr got so much attention for her breastfeeding pictures, it seems baby daddy Orlando Bloom wants his turn in the hot parenting spotlight. This weekend he took baby Flynn out to the park for some sun and sightings by the press.

Kerr posted pictures of the daddy-son duo on her blog, along with well wishes from fans fawning over them. Be warned: They are swoon worthy. Dressed in matching gray t-shirts with a little hat on Flynn's head, they are an amazing sight that will instantly give you a baby bug if you don't already have one.


Lucky mom, Miranda Kerr, was home resting. While Bloom brought his mother-in-law along, he seems like a hands-on dad who has no fear of a newborn. He didn't use a stroller, or a baby carrier, just him and his little guy in his big strong arms. Did I mention swooning?

From the birth it seems Bloom was more than ready to step into fatherhood full force. Kerr posted on Facebook about his support during her labor:

"We have a beautiful little boy named Flynn. He was born on the 6th Jan and I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication. Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. "

Perhaps he could hire himself out as a birth coach? I'm confident he would make anyone's labor pains easier.

This couple is so incredibly attractive and jubilant with this baby that if they don't stop releasing pictures, that Hollywood baby boom we're already seeing is going to spread across America as everyone wants some of what they have. But please, don't stop!

Do Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr make you want to have a baby?

Image via Sean Gallup/Getty

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