Chill Out! Baby Yoga With Lena Fokina Looks Fun


Baby yoga is a great way for your baby to get a little workout at the same time as you. When my daughter was first born, we did all kinds of yoga and resistance classes that incorporated the baby, so when I see the Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina video (AKA crazy baby yoga), that is what I see.

For those of you who were so horrified, I would urge you to look at the video again. She isn't actually hurting the baby, she is just swinging him with highly controlled, almost circus-like motions. And while I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that myself, Fokina seems relatively at ease and accustomed to doing it. She is a pro.

As Fokina said in her interview:

Did they notice that the babies aren’t crying -- they’re even laughing -- and that this system has been used for over thirty years in Russia and the children are all alive and healthy? If you need more proof, the best thing is to come see us.

I'm not signing up for the class just yet, but I still believe it's possible.

In the early days of my daughter's babyhood, I did a lot of resistance work using her as my "weights." She liked it because we were interacting and she was going up and down, and I liked it because I got toned arms and abs from it.

If this video is real, it's a slightly amped up version of those workouts I did with my baby, combined with the baby yoga we also did that actually DID involve some gentle swinging and rocking and no injuries! Now, I wouldn't trust myself to swing a new baby around my head or twist his arms the way Fokina does. Maybe it's because I am Russian, too, but I don't see anything in the video indicating that the baby is in danger. Sorry. I just don't.

The way Fokina handles the babies isn't all that different from the nurses in the hospital who are presumably paid to know what is safe for babies. I was shocked by the way our nurse picked up my daughter and jostled her around to burp her and bathe her and even to shush her. In fact, the rocking and swinging my pediatrician herself suggested were far rougher than I would have been comfortable with at first.

Fokina is not shaking the baby or causing traumatic brain injury, at least to my eyes. Perhaps the real lesson from all this is we all need to just simmer down. Maybe yoga is in order for us all.

Do you think the video is that bad?


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Nicki... NickiNavarro

If this is all okay, then why are you not supposed to help a baby pull up by their arms, unless the baby is doing the work? If this is alright then why are pediatricians everywhere warning us about how easy it is for a baby to dislocate a shoulder or hip?

wildf... wildflowers25

I saw the entire video last night and guess what?  I'm not going to "chill out", it does not look fun and if she is so damn interested in yoga, she needs to do it by herself and leave her baby out of it.  This is not beneficial to the baby at all.  As for the comparison to nurses handling babies roughly, I have never seen a nurse swing a baby over her head. 

nonmember avatar emily

Yeah because now and days newborn babies are so fat and stress. They need to do yoga.

nonmember avatar Laurie

Yes, I think it's horrifying. She is rotating some of the joints 360 degrees, probably making the baby totally dizzy, and could possibly cause shaken baby syndrome. See what this dr. wrote: It's totally abusive. And she says to notice the babies aren't crying--would you cry if someone was whipping you around at that speed? You'd be so freaked out and in shock you might not be able to cry. Insane.

Dori Fountaine

Chill out are you kidding? If you do watch the video closely, look at the beginning this two week old newborn, was upright on her legs, at the end of the video, this poor little baby could not even keep her head up or her legs! Baby yoga is an excellent exercise to do with your baby, but NOT THIS WAY

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Yes, i do think the video is "that bad." It's horrifying. Chill out? You must be joking

Whitn... WhitneyMommyOf2

Yes, I do think it's horrifying, However my biggest concern is all the people who are going to attempt this after seeing it!!!!

Dakota Brizendine

I agree with you... I do not think babies are as fragile as Westerners believe... I do think some of the moves in the video are a bit extreme but for the most part I think the baby is fine... plus she has two daughters that are now beautiful young women so it can't be that detrimental.

Jenny... JennyG0929

The baby is not crying because it is scared, think about an infant's startle reflex. Tickling makes some children laugh, even though they actually hate it!  L

nonmember avatar Bambie

I think there isn't any thing wrong with the yoga. And if they've been doing it in Russia and there all okay what's wrong with doing it here.

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