Owen Wilson Baby Name Switcharoo; What Happened?

Owen WilsonThis past weekend Owen Wilson and Jade Duell welcomed their son, Ford Linton Wilson. The world celebrated and cheered Wilson's return to happiness and a new life with his blessed little boy, Ford. We imagined Owen and Ford surfing; Owen and Ford playing playing ball ... only, there's no Ford. The little boy's real name is Robert Ford Wilson.

Huh? How did that happen? Here's what we think could have gone down:


1. It was like a game of Telephone. Someone told someone who told someone, and somewhere along the line it got garbled.

2. They changed their minds. Maybe Ford just wasn't working for them, they didn't like the way his monogram looked, or decided he didn't look like a Ford. Who does really though?

3. They wanted an element of surprise. While we didn't learn about the pregnancy until just before the birth, when we learned about it, we learned a lot -- sex, name, that it would be a home birth. Maybe they regretted not saving a surprise, so ... surprise!

4. They watched a Jesse James movie and decided they had to name their son after the man who killed him -- Robert Ford.

5. Even though it was a family name, they found they couldn't subject their son to the jokes a middle name like Linton would bring. Is that belly button Lint-on you? It's a nice name, but kids are cruel.

6. They did it to screw with us. Perhaps they just wanted to trick all of us celebrity baby stalkers, and have some fun making us rewrite what we wrote.

Whatever the reason, a baby by any other name is still as sweet. Welcome again, Robert.

Which name do you like better -- Ford Linton or Robert Ford? Why do you think there was a switcharoo?

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