Supermodel Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Photo Haters, Read This

So by now we've all heard that Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have a beautiful baby boy named Flynn. Born all natural, with Orlando being an amazing, supportive coach and husband during birth, and now Miranda has also put out a beautiful photo of herself breastfeeding the new baby boy.

And in the comments on the picture, I saw the funniest thing I've ever seen: People complaining that her breastfeeding picture was immodest.

Um, hello? Do you all remember what this woman does for a job?

She's a Victoria's Secret model!


She makes her living prancing around in tiny lacy underwear and bras, and sometimes not even that much. She's absolutely gorgeous, has her own organic beauty products line called KORA Organics ... and in the photos for her line on Facebook, she has a picture of herself completely naked, one arm across her breasts, looking beautiful but not entirely sexual but just natural beauty (obviously the goal), and yet, still totally naked.

So forgive me if I find it absolutely hysterical that the most modest picture I've ever seen of Miranda Kerr -- in fact, the only picture I've ever seen of her wearing CLOTHES -- is this breastfeeding one that's being called immodest, tasteless, and inappropriate, or in one case, "disgusting."

It. Cracks. Me. Up.

Now, there's a really important thing I need to say here: Breasts are sexy. Breasts are sexual.

But they're also just a part of your body. You know what else is sexual? Your vagina. However, our awesome bodies also can multitask. Your body that gets pleasure from sex and your breasts that attract men ALSO give birth to babies and nourish them. Your mouth eats and talks and gives sexual pleasure and even vomits. Your hands can give sexual pleasure, wash a baby, write a story, or pull the trigger on a gun. Many parts of our body do many different things, some of which are appropriate in public and others aren't, some are positive, some are terrible.

But every time you shake someone's hands, do you think about them masturbating with them? No, seriously, do you? I bet if you DID, you'd really hate shaking hands with other people, wouldn't you? If you always looked at mouths and thought about vomit, I bet you'd have a seriously difficult time ever kissing someone. It's compartmentalization -- body parts have a variety of functions and generally speaking, you can't think about all of them all the time.

So yes, breasts can be very sexual. IT'S OKAY TO THINK OF BOOBS AS SEXY. We no more need to remove all lingerie pictures from Facebook as we do delete all breastfeeding pictures. In fact, we kind of need breasts as sexual to attract guys to MAKE babies that eat from them, right? But we also have to be able to remember that the same way a mouth can be seen as sexual functional, boobs can be too.

Miranda Kerr has a rockin' body, and she makes a living off of it. And now, her baby is living directly off of it as well. Rather than trying to say, "Breasts aren't sexual, they're for babies!" or "Eww, breasts being used, cover it up!" we should celebrate the fact that like many parts of our body, breasts are awesome, useful, and desirable for many reasons, but first and foremost, to attract a male to make a baby and then to feed said baby.

I wanted to insert some "I love Legolas" comment in here somewhere, but it just didn't come up. I really do, and knowing Orlando took this picture of his wife and saw her and the act of breastfeeding as beautiful, and they as new parents felt it should be shared is pretty awesome all on its own and should be respected. They see her body as multi-functional, and we all should be able to, too.

Do you think breasts can be sexual AND functional?


Image via KORA Organics

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