'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Could We Get Any More Depressing?

The second episode of Teen Mom 2 provided more of the same stuff we are accustomed to from watching any teen parenting show produced by MTV -- baby daddy drama, teen friends and their inane questions, somewhat overbearing parents, and trying to date.

This season of Teen Mom seems like it's upping the ante, though. For all the drama and sadness in the original Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 feels so much more real and, thus, far more painful. Leah's daughter may never walk. Jenelle is truly the worst mother yet on Teen Mom and seeing her little son's sweet face is heart wrenching. Watching Kailyn try to date and thus earn the ire of her former boyfriend's parents is difficult, too.

All in all, this season is less fun and more heartbreaking. Of course, the biggest theme of the evening was Leah's daughter's physical problems.


While one of Leah's twin daughters is developing normally, the other -- Ali -- is having some kind of physical problems that have required a trip to the doctor. Apparently she can neither close her hands nor bend her feet in the right position.

Any mother would struggle to deal with such a hardship, but it seems especially unfair and wrong when the mother is so young herself and already dealing with so much, including having more than one baby. It's heartbreaking to imagine any mom having to deal with MRIs and all the fears and the uncertainty, but to watch a child have to deal with it is just ridiculous. Why would this happen to her?

Of course, she isn't the only mom dealing with problems. Jenelle is in no way fit to be a mother and should be counting her blessings that she has a mother who is willing to care for her son. She certainly behaved better this episode than in the last and seems to be starting to understand that her mother is best for the baby.

But I still get choked up every time I looked at little Jace. I don't know. Maybe I'm premenstrual or there is something making me overly emotional, but I thought this episode of Teen Mom 2 was pretty gut wrenching. If they are all like this, this may be my last season. Real life is depressing enough. TV ought to at least help me zone.

I just hope baby Ali gets better. I don't think I can stand it if she doesn't.

Did you feel horribly sad watching this episode?


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