Recall: Medela 'Pump In Style Advanced' Breast Pump


Anyone else just sigh at the word "recall" at this point? It seems like half our purchases should be considered temporary.

Anyway, the Medela Pump In Style Advance is under recall for a motor problem.

"The small percent of pumps affected by this recall were manufactured between February 10, 2010 and March 3, 2010 and shipped between February 10, 2010 and April 30, 2010. These breast pumps would have been purchased by mothers between approximately March 1 and June 30, 2010."

Here's how to know if yours qualifies (not all do!) and what to do if it does:

Rather than recall the whole line, they only will replace your pump if:

• The pump will not turn on.
• The pump turns off on its own.
• The pump reduces or loses suction during the pumping process.
• The pump is making a clicking noise.

Their recall info says if your pump does any of these things, visit first, or email them at, or call Medela Customer Service at 1-800-435-8316 if you have any questions.

They'll replace your pump. No word on the page if you can request a refund instead, so I'm going to assume probably not.

Edited to add: Medela has said they'll overnight replacements, so I hope that helps alleviate any fears about what to do in the meantime if you do have one of the defective pumps.

Do you have one of these breast pumps?


Image via Medela

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Alison Adams

This irritates me. Medela will only replace those that go bad or begin going bad. Some of us (not me, but others) have ONE pump. We cannot afford a backup, we cannot afford to rent a backup. If a pump begins to go (loses suction somewhat) or goes completely, what then? Waiting a week for a new motor to be shipped out? Because those that exclusively pump or pump at work can miss even one pump session, right? WRONG.

I normally have a lot of respect for Medela, but not in this instance. They know what pumps are affected, just recall those with a particular code or whatever they use to identify the individual pumps. Why make some mom's wait until the pump goes BAD?

Heather Shnider Van Beber

Both myself and my neighbor had to replace our pumps right after the first of the year. Sad to hear we weren't the only ones!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I agree, Alison.

nonmember avatar Olivia

I'm very disappointed in the poor job Medela has done in spreading the word about this recall. I own a baby store that sells these pumps and still haven't received any notification from Medela. Now there are moms asking me about it and I don't have details.

Medela has also remained silent about the recall on their Facebook and Twitter pages. How are we supposed to find out about the recall if they don't tell anyone? Not cool.

Stephanie J Harris

I can see how this could be a HUGE inconvience for many moms! glad I bought a playtex!

Reeni... Reenieredhead

Bought mine the first week in July... So far, it's okay, but I'm a part-time pumper... I hope mine isn't affected. Thank goodness for people here on The Stir who help spread the word since Medela doesn't seem to want to...

Jenn Boback

I had mine go bad about a year ago and medela was pretty good about getting me out a replacement quickly. I could still use mine a little and they let me keep the old one so i just used it as well as I could until the new one arrived. Hopefully they fixed the problem!

nonmember avatar meaghan

I find this recall humorous I returned my pump in October because it stppoed working- I'm thinking it was an early one but the dates match up they just hadn't announced a recall. They sent me a new one next day UPS, with a box to send the old back. It was easy.

kisse... kisses5050

Medela was awesome when I was a new mom I had to send a pump back and they called a local baby store to bring one over to me so I wouldn't miss any pumping time Then when a new one arrived at my house they told me to please to keep it in case something went wrong so I would never be without a pump! 

mnt_2... mnt_2_b_mommy

I was actually planning to call Medela about my pump. I bought it in Oct. 2010 and at first I just thought it was really gentle, but I am noticing that I have to crank up the suction all the way and still it feels like there's barely any suction. I went ahead and filled out the form to get a replacement. I just answered the questions (no questions about when I bought it or model number though) and according to the website response  i should receive a new one in a few weeks. Hmmmm...

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