Owen Wilson & Jade Duell Baby Arrives! What's His Sign?

owen wilsonJust about a week after learning that Owen Wilson, whose most notable role in my house continues to be that of Lightning McQueen, welcomed baby boy Ford Linton Wilson. At least, that's what Wilson and girlfriend Jade Duell said they'd planned to name the little guy before the birth. You know how those things go. You have the name all picked out and once you see the baby you think, "Gee, he doesn't look like a Ford at all! Now that I see him, I'm thinking more like Herbert."

Linton is Duell's father's name, and Ford was just one they both liked. I'll bet we'll have to wait a while to decide for ourselves. Good luck hoping to see a picture of the little guy any time soon. Wilson and girlfriend did such a good job of hiding her pregnancy till the 9th month that we might not get a gander at the newest Wilson until he starts kindergarten.


The couple craves peace and privacy, which was one of the reasons they were also planning to deliver the baby via home birth at Wilson's home in Maui, Hawaii, where they have both been living. To give the boy "a calm, quiet, soothing atmosphere."

Of course, the birth was not to be celebrated without some confusion, no matter how easily the labor went. Still up in the air is what Baby Ford's astrological sign is. If you go by the old way, he's a Capricorn. But according to the newly revised signs wreaking havoc around the world, he's a Sagittarius. So you may want to hold off sending them that baby birthstone gift just yet.


Image via Splash News

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