Stop Cursing! Your Baby Understands You

Surprised Baby
Say What?!
Oh, sh… I mean, crap! If you’re like me, you didn’t worry about curbing bad language till your kid could actually repeat it. I just assumed that if she couldn’t speak, she was pre-verbal, and somehow assumed that meant I sounded like the grownups on Charlie Brown.

I mean, I talk to my kids constantly, but I didn't think they were really listening.  Now that I think about it, that theory left a lot to be desired. A study in Cerebral Cortex says that babies from 12 to 18 months recognize specific words and know what they mean. There’s no reason to suspect this automagically kicks in at one year, either. Ssh. They’re watching us.

This means there’s a whole bunch of things I shouldn’t be saying in front of the baby. I mean, on an average day, I’m likely to:

  • Swear like a sailor
  • Complain about my mom
  • Complain about my husband
  • Complain about my baby!
  • Make inappropriate jokes about things to do with the baby
  • Insult the baby’s fashion choices (note: I dress her)
  • Spread nasty rumors about the personal habits of the guy who just ran a stop sign (note: in the car)
  • Gossip about people the baby might meet someday
  • Give away spoilers about movies the baby might see someday
  • Describe cute things the baby did (I am surely giving her a swelled head)
  • Mention Real Housewives or Hoarders

Believe you me, I’m going to watch what I say from now on! The baby is not a houseplant!

Do you say stuff in front of your babe you would prefer she didn’t understand?

Image via Rockerchic/CafeMom

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