5 Things You Need to Go Out in the Cold With Baby

Baby Hat
Amazon; $27.95
Oh, the weather outside is frightful in much of the United States. In fact, as of yesterday, 49 states had snow on the ground. Brrr ... and so much more of a challenge if you have a baby. Between the slippery sidewalks and frigid temperatures, winter requires a whole new arsenal of baby gear.

It means extra layers, and extra planning, and extra bulk, but unless you're in Florida -- the one state without snow -- you're going to need it if you intend to leave your house anytime soon. Even in Florida, temperatures have dipped, so those of us there can use some of it too.

Here are five things you need to go out with your baby when it's cold outside:


Hat We know how much heat can be lost through our head, so a hat for baby is a must. And while you're at it, it might as well be cute like this adorable chenille penguin hat.

babywearing poncho
Childrensneeds.com; $59.99

Babywearing Poncho If you wear your baby, this is the perfect layer now under a coat (with baby in front) and later as a light jacket when things warm up. It's cute too!

Fleece Coveralls
L.L. Bean; $49.50

Fleece Coveralls This one-piece outfit covers almost every inch of baby so they're warm and toasty and oh so snuggly.

Baby Uggs
UGG Australia; $50
Booties Even if you think Uggs are ugly, you've got to admit they're adorable in teeny tiny sizes. While pricey, the sheepskin lining is extra warm, and you can find plenty of knock-offs as well.

Stroller Coat
Walmart; $89.96

Stroller Coat For an extra layer of warmth if you're going to be out and about, put a coat on your stroller. This one by Warm as a Lamb fits most strollers, is thermally insulated, and protects baby from all the elements. Now if only you could hop inside too!

What baby gear do you find essential for winter?

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