Victoria's Secret Introduces a Very Non-Sexy Nursing Bra


I think buying your first "sexy" bra or underwear from Victoria's Secret is a rite of passage for a lot of girls. I know plenty who went in while at the mall "to see a movie" with friends and ended up buying a thong in VS that they ended up hiding in their drawer or never wearing, realizing Mom would see it when she did the laundry too.

The angels, whether healthy or not for body image, have always had some draw, and I do have to admit, my Victoria's Secret bras were pretty awesome quality as well.

And now, they've introduced a nursing bra ... but I'm kind of confused.

It is one of the most boring bras I think I've ever seen in their store. Okay, the pictures look like it's their super-soft, nice fabric, so that's a plus, but really? I don't think there's anything sexy about the bra. It only comes in white and "buff" (tan/nude). No black? No tiny laced edge? Nothing?

Sure it's called the Nursing Plunge Bra, but if I'm going to Victoria's Secret and spend $44 on a bra, I want it to look like it came from Victoria's Secret. I can go to Motherhood Maternity for a much wider selection of styles and sizes (the VS bra only goes from 34B-40DD), and get the matronly look.

Maybe I'm too picky, I don't know. I was super-excited to see them doing a nursing bra, because they do represent "sexy" to a lot of women, but I'm really rather sad that the bra is so dang boring and non-sexy. Is it because they think moms can't be sexy? Or nursing bras can't be? Because I beg to differ there. I've seen some awesome nursing bras, but this ... this just isn't one of them.

Maybe the designer had a major problem with seeing nursing moms as anything but matronly? Do you think they're going to branch out into matronly maternity nightgowns and full-granny-butt maternity undies, too?

I'm just disappointed. All nursing moms need at least one bra that doesn't feel matronly, motherly, or anything but sexy, and you'd think of all people, that would be what Victoria's Secret would come out with, but alas, it's just another bra that makes you say, "These boobs are for business" when you lift your shirt.

What do you think? Do you think the bra represents their style very well?


Image via Victoria's Secret

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VS is overrated and overpriced, either way. The idea of them selling nursing bras is redonk.

nonmember avatar WellRoundedBrth

I agree. Totally not congruous with VS image. I've pondered it myself & have concluded that there's not enough market demand or PERCEIVED market demand for pretty nursing bras. After all, women are expected by society to nurse for a few days or weeks at most (forget months or years), so why invest in gorgeous nursing bras or why need a variety of styles? I was disappointed that VS has such a limited # of sizes, too. I had to go to Nordstrom to find nursing bras that fit (32F). And guess what? Nordstrom has a selection of GORGEOUS nursing bras in a wide variety of sizes!!!

Xakana Xakana

I've never owned anything from Victoria's Secret and probably never will. They don't cater to REALLY big breasted women, so they've always been out for me. I was too big breasted for their bras at age 15. I've seen sexier bras at Wal-Mart. That one sucks. And my Layne Bryant super comfy bras have lasted me as long as I can remember... I think I've had them... 6 years? 7? They're not sexy, but I don't own a white or 'buff' (um, racist much?) bra. Black, pink, blue and grey. Used to have a red one that I ordered somewhere online, but I outgrew it when my first DD was born, lol. My sexiest bra? Came from Wal-Mart. Second sexiest came from a specialty shop. Neither one cost $44!! WTF? That's WAY more than I'll spend on some tiny bit of fabric that only covers my boobs, unless it's the most comfortable thing in the universe--which, for me, nothing will ever fit that description that comes out of Victoria's Secret, since they hate fat women.

Tiffa... TiffanyinSF

I think their best selling bras are the body and ipex lines, neither of which is sexy. 

sahm_... sahm_of_rj

They might be testing the market using the plain styles; if they turn out to be big sellers I bet you will see plenty of new designs down the line.  I have hated every nursing bra I ever had, so I'm almost willing to spend the money to try one of these out!

mtnma... mtnmama111

I don't care for VS.. their sizing sucks. And lace itches..just sayin'...

sstepph sstepph

Not really. I got a much prettier and sexier looking one at Motherhood!

saral... saralouise

am i the only one that finds it strange to want to look sexy while nursing? /:-|

moder... modernmom2010

I'm so glad they are doing this! I love VS bras, they're comfy yet sexy at the same time.And for the record, I have worn Walmart bras and the quality and comfort do not match to me.

As far as the lack of lace and sex appeal...I'm more about comfort when I'm nursing. not trying to be sexy with a baby on my boob or with milk leaking out of me. For those "sexy moments" I'll just wear something else. I'm sure if it takes off there will be more styles anyway.

Lace and a bunch of frilly things would probably annoy the baby, too.

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