Victoria's Secret Introduces a Very Non-Sexy Nursing Bra

I think buying your first "sexy" bra or underwear from Victoria's Secret is a rite of passage for a lot of girls. I know plenty who went in while at the mall "to see a movie" with friends and ended up buying a thong in VS that they ended up hiding in their drawer or never wearing, realizing Mom would see it when she did the laundry too.

The angels, whether healthy or not for body image, have always had some draw, and I do have to admit, my Victoria's Secret bras were pretty awesome quality as well.

And now, they've introduced a nursing bra ... but I'm kind of confused.


It is one of the most boring bras I think I've ever seen in their store. Okay, the pictures look like it's their super-soft, nice fabric, so that's a plus, but really? I don't think there's anything sexy about the bra. It only comes in white and "buff" (tan/nude). No black? No tiny laced edge? Nothing?

Sure it's called the Nursing Plunge Bra, but if I'm going to Victoria's Secret and spend $44 on a bra, I want it to look like it came from Victoria's Secret. I can go to Motherhood Maternity for a much wider selection of styles and sizes (the VS bra only goes from 34B-40DD), and get the matronly look.

Maybe I'm too picky, I don't know. I was super-excited to see them doing a nursing bra, because they do represent "sexy" to a lot of women, but I'm really rather sad that the bra is so dang boring and non-sexy. Is it because they think moms can't be sexy? Or nursing bras can't be? Because I beg to differ there. I've seen some awesome nursing bras, but this ... this just isn't one of them.

Maybe the designer had a major problem with seeing nursing moms as anything but matronly? Do you think they're going to branch out into matronly maternity nightgowns and full-granny-butt maternity undies, too?

I'm just disappointed. All nursing moms need at least one bra that doesn't feel matronly, motherly, or anything but sexy, and you'd think of all people, that would be what Victoria's Secret would come out with, but alas, it's just another bra that makes you say, "These boobs are for business" when you lift your shirt.

What do you think? Do you think the bra represents their style very well?


Image via Victoria's Secret

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