You Know You're a New Mom If ...

Congratulations! You survived pregnancy and delivery and have entered the world of motherhood. The diaper bag is now a permanent part of your look, as are milk stains and undereye circles.

As a new mom myself, I've been taking notes on all the daily habits I now exhibit, some of which no one warned me about during pregnancy.

For instance, you know you're a new mom if ...


1. You've straight-up traded the purse for the diaper bag. Abandoning your cosmetic bag (really, who has time for makeup?), you now shove your wallet, keys, and cell phone in with those diapers and wipes.

2. You're constantly looking for your keys, wallet, and cell phone ... and you're probably holding them.

3. You find yourself asking what it was you were about to do before baby pooped, spit up, cried, or had a new expression on her face that got your overly excited.

4. You have several bathrobes in heavy rotation.

5. You wake up cradling the air and breathlessly ask, "Where's the baby?"

6. You smell a fart on the subway or something else foul on the street and have the sudden urge to change a diaper.

7. You see someone carrying a dog or a small package and are convinced they've stolen your child.

8. You hear screaming even when there is none.

9. A non-bathrobe outfit consists of leggings and the top you wore yesterday.

10. At least half of your hair, if you're lucky, has been under a blowdryer sometime in the last week.

Help me add to the list! YOU know you're a new mom if ...

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