'Teen Mom' Jenelle: Someone PLEASE Take Her Baby Away!

teen mom 2 jenelleLast night's Teen Mom 2 left me feeling sick. Yes, I cried over the moments between Leah and Corey, and then the previews showing that one of their twin girls needs an MRI of her spine (my heart!), but it was Jenelle's display of violence and flippant attitude that makes me fear for her son, Jace.

I know the show is edited and we as viewers can't possibly know everything that is going on, but what I saw on the show last night makes me side with Jenelle's mom, Barbara, who wants full custody.


The anger and hostility and constant yelling and screaming of curse words aren't good for any child to be around, and Jace is just 16 months old. Judging by what is shown on TV, Jenelle thinks it's totally fine to go out and party all the time since her mom is home to watch her son. But then she cannot get up in the morning to feed her baby or even say goodbye to him as he heads off to day care.

And yet, she gets mad when her mom wants to change Jace out of a too-big onesie into something that fits him properly and so he can stay warm at night. This leads to a huge fight, the f-bombs fly, and then Jenelle screams for her mom to get the f*&k out of her face and she pushes her -- hard. Barbara almost falls out of the room.

jenelle barbara teen mom 2

Part of me wanted to change the channel right there. This isn't just a television show. It's a reality show. This REALLY happened between a mom and her teenage daughter who is a new mom. And all of this happened with the cameras rolling! Imagine what happens when they aren't! I felt like I was playing into this behavior, almost encouraging it by watching.

I can't help but wonder if Jenelle is a calculating young woman who knows what works on TV thanks to Amber Portwood and the first season of Teen Mom. She knows what the audience wants, she knows what will get her in the news and on this very blog right here. Maybe she is playing into it for a fat paycheck. The money isn't worth it when the baby can be mentally and emotionally (possibly even physically) harmed.

The push wasn't the only act of violence between the two. Barbara kicked Jenelle out of the house after the shove and later, when Jenelle tries to return, she gets served with papers that reveal her mom wants custody of Jace. Of course this puts her over the edge and more f-bombs fly. With Jace looking on, Jenelle acts like a rabid animal, screaming at her mom and saying, "I'm going to punch you in the face!" The sad look on Barbara's face says it all. And look at poor Jace -- so innocent and sweet and deserving of so much more.

barbara jace teen mom 2

I think I held my breath the entire time.

Although it hasn't come out on the show yet, there is even more reason to believe Jenelle isn't quite ready to be a mom -- she was arrested for breaking and entering and marijuana possession recently. She is rebelling. I truly hope she finds something within her to make her realize what she stands to lose. 

What do you think of Jenelle's behavior? Should Barbara get custody?


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