'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Baby Daddy Drama Never Gets Old

The Teen Mom 2 premiere episode promised more of some of the things we have come to love/hate about MTV's Teen Mom -- baby daddy drama, struggles with families of origin, financial issues -- and some new issues, too.

The four new moms were all former stars of 16 and Pregnant. Leah is the mom of twins (yikes!), Jenelle has a daughter son and lives with her mother, Chelsea has a daughter and lives with a friend (her father pays the rent), and Kailyn has a son and lives with her ex-boyfriend's parents.

Some moments on the show were more hopeful than past Teen Moms. Leah graduated from high school and it seemed like all the girls were on track to do the same. But some moments were worse -- Jenelle and her mother are almost as bad as Farrah and her mom, complete with domestic violence and threats of cops.

But oh, the baby daddy drama made up the largest portion of the episode, natch.


Only one dad seems to have any meaningful relationship with the children and that's Corey, Leah's ex-boyfriend, who is struggling after Leah cheated on him. Still, the fact that he actually comes over to see his children makes him father of the year in this world.

It definitely seems like we are being set up to see more of their relationship, and I have to say I'm pulling for them. They seem like the only "couple" on this show that even has a fighting chance of raising their children together.

Chelsea's baby daddy is out of the picture, but her own dad is like Dad of the Year up in here. He pays for her apartment, keeps a close eye on her relationships and friendships, and talks to her about the emotional stuff and everything else. Everyone should have a dad like him! She also has like the world's best friend. Can Megan move in with me and babysit whenever I want, too? Things are looking up for Chelsea.

Sadly, Kailyn and Jenelle are not so lucky. Kailyn's own mother won't let her move in so she is stuck with her ex-boyfriend's parents, and it looks like she is about to start hooking up with a new guy at work. I swear teen moms with infants manage to find men easier than professional women in their 30s I know who live in major cities full of eligible guys. What is the secret?

Jenelle's baby daddy is nowhere to be found (apparently he is modeling in China? Um, OK). But there is plenty o' drama to make up for that absence. The fight she and her mother had? Whoa, Nellie. If I ever have a daughter who speaks to me like that ... let's just say I would be wishing for a reset button on her.

And judging from some of the upcoming scenes, her mother ought to be wanting that, too. She seems like she may end up winning the Most Effed Up Teen Mom Award, beating out even Amber Portwood.

Here's hoping...

What did you think of the first episode?


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