When Baby Yoga Is More Like Child Abuse (VIDEO)

baby yogaFirst it was the most athletic fetus we'd ever seen. Now a video out of Russia is trying to convince us of the world's most flexible baby. Only problem? The "yoga baby" video just scares the pants off of us.

The Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina video shows a naked baby (why is he naked?) in the arms of a blond woman -- ostensibly Fokina -- first toddling around, supported by the woman. Then before you can say, "She's going to drop it," the baby is up in the air, flying around with only Fokina's (?) hands on the baby's to keep the child from landing on the ground. We've imported the video for you, but before you click, BEWARE. This is not for the faint of heart.


According to info pulled together by Gawker, the video is supposed to promote a yoga program that can "help mother and baby get to know each other, enjoy the interaction -- the visual and tactile, recover from childbirth, and get positive emotions." Apparently they've never heard of cuddling? Baby massage? Breastfeeding?

Some have postulated this is a fake baby. Here's hoping! It certainly has a rubbery quality to it. But maybe that's just wishful thinking?

Because while she didn't drop the child, the risk of so-called "nursemaid's elbow" or "babysitter's elbow" is high in kids under 5 who are yanked around by their hands. The elbow is literally dislocated because their joints and the surrounding structures aren't strong enough to hold it in place. And if it happens once in this so-called "baby yoga," it's bound to happen again as studies have found it can re-occur frequently in kids. Even scarier: if it isn't treated appropriately, the kid can lose total movement of the elbow. Yikes!

Now for the REAL shocker. If you were watching that thinking, "OMG, that shoulder is going to be dislocated," stop. Now. Ironically, younger children have stronger muscles and tendons in the shoulder than they do growth plates. They're more likely to have fractures, but less likely to suffer a dislocated shoulder.

Still, one bit of good news doesn't lead me to give this one a ringing endorsement. It hails awfully close to child abuse in my book, considering the myriad dangers. How about you?


Image via YouTube

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