Shoplifting Couple Flees ... Without Baby

shopliftingEarlier this week in Louisiana, a couple was shoplifting at their local Walmart, shoving items in a diaper bag and under their 9-month-old baby. When police tried to confront them, they made a run for it. But they left behind one very important piece of evidence -- their baby.

Oops. So what's a parent to do? Change clothes and go back to Walmart hoping to somehow get the baby back undetected? Of course, that didn't work out so well either, and the parents -- Amy Kapetanios, 23, and Daniel Shelton, 21 -- were arrested. They were charged with shoplifting and endangering the welfare of a minor, and the baby was placed in the custody of a relative.


Their stupidity would almost be laughable if there wasn't a real baby involved here -- a little baby who has such poor role models as parents.

Strangely/sadly enough, they're not the first people to leave their baby behind while shoplifting. Earlier this year in Florida when Crystal Whitaker, 23, was caught shoplifting clothes from a department store, she ran, leaving behind her 10-month-old baby. In September, another Florida woman, Janita Moreau, 37, left her 6-month-old behind while fleeing from police who caught her shoplifting.

While I certainly don't condone shoplifting, I can at least understand how desperation could drive some people to do it -- times are tough and many people are suffering. What I can't understand at all is how anyone could put their own well being ahead of their child's and run off, leaving that child alone, not knowing who would care for her or where she would end up. I'm not sure someone who does that deserves to get their child back ... at least not easily.

At the very least, If they are reunited, I hope there will be serious stipulations and ongoing monitoring of the family to ensure this child's safety, because at present it doesn't seem to be the parents' first priority.

What do you think should be the punishment for this couple who left behind their baby while shoplifting?

Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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