Natalie Portman Baby Bump: Is That It? (PHOTOS)

natalie portman baby bumpThey're here! The first photos of Natalie Portman's baby bump! Hmmmm. Well, supposedly the teeny tiny Natalie Portman was photographed at LAX, with her baby bump and her dog. But I'm not seeing it. The baby bump, not the dog. He's cute and fuzzy.

Nor am I seeing much of one when Natalie was at the People's Choice Awards last night, as seen here. I swear if that young lady has her baby in the next three months, I'm going to declare her damn close to perfect. Except for one thing that's nagging me about this engagement/pregnancy announcement. And that one thing is Ashton Kutcher.


Or rather, No Strings Attached, the fluffy rom-com starring the pair that looks absolutely god-awful. So awful that I'm suspicious that Portman is ginning up this whole pregnant and getting married story to distract everyone from a film with the tag line: Can Sex Friends Remain Best Friends?

Seriously, that's on a billboard down the street from my house.

Portman! What the heck is an Oscar-worthy actress doing in this friends-with-benefits, January release, craptacular film? Did she a lose a bet with Demi Moore? Sure she and Ashton look great together, but that's no reason to ruin your film cred by appearing in a silly movie that will surely be winning a Razzie in 2011.

Is Portman really preggers? Or are these loose clothes just a disguise?

Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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