Rat Poison-Eating Mom Kills Baby

mom eats rat poison baby diesIn another one of these, "Who are these people?" stories, a pregnant woman in Indiana ingested rat poison eight days before she gave birth. Rather than dying, she told friends, who encouraged her to check into the hospital, which she did. While there, she gave birth to her baby on New Year's Eve, named her Angel, and the baby died two days later. 

First of all, I cannot figure out how rat poison did not kill the mother, and allowed a baby to be born alive, but killed the baby two days into her young life. Can anyone explain to me how eating rat poison doesn't kill a pregnant woman? It doesn't even maim her enough to not be able to go through labor and delivery a week later?

And second of all -- what kind of timing is that to wait until you're about to give birth to try and kill yourself? You couldn't have put off your suicide until the post-partum depression kicked in?

Thirdly, why am I even asking rhetorical questions about a woman who is clearly not a logical thinker?


These horrifying stories confound all of us mothers out there who can't imagine harming a single hair on our child's head. Whether it's a breastfeeding mom getting high, or a shoplifting couple leaving their baby behind, these stories fly in the face of every instinct most mom's possess.

There are always cries in the comments of, "I would have taken that baby!" and I believe women who say that are sincere. Even though our house is crowded, I also feel like if your option is to harm your baby or crowd up my house -- please, make us uncomfortable over here. So why do women like the rat poison eater not take all of us up on that offer? Why do women who wrap up their babies and throw them in the garbage not find another woman at the grocery store and pass off the baby, safe and sound?

Clearly mental illness is the key here, and the difference between the horrific mom and those of us stunned by her actions. And unfortunately, mental illness isn't something you can give up, like alcohol and unpasteurized dairy, as soon as you get a positive reading on your pregnancy test. But even knowing that, it's still confusing how someone could ever, ever, EVER, harm their own child.

Do you understand why moms do these things?


Image via Jug Jones/Flickr

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