Anti-Vaccine Parents Just Cost Me Time & Money

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I just got back from the pediatrician where my son got a flu test. First of all, I didn't even know one could get a test for the flu. Probably because the inequity of health care in this country meant my doctor in a city across the country didn't have access to the same thing during the H1N1 scare. But that's another rant. Right now, I'm royally pissed at whatever parent at my son's day care decided not to get the flu shot for his baby.

My son is fine. His cough and runny nose are the run-of-the-mill cold. And, according to my physician, we can thank the flu shot for him only having mildly annoying symptoms rather than potentially life-threatening in the very young, very old, and immune compromised.

But I'm not thanking the baby and his parents who brought flu into the day care in the first place.


The baby's parents didn't want to get the vaccine, and now they're probably dealing with a very sick child, which is really punishment enough. But the rest of us who have snuffly kids had to get our own children tested to make sure their illnesses weren't also the flu. Our day care is very cautious that way and I appreciate the massive effort to stop a potential epidemic before it starts.

But that means I had to take off work, drive all the way across town (have you seen how much gas costs in LA lately?), and after that bring my kiddo home with me and plop him in front of the TV (which I don't ever want to do) while I work. Not at all how I anticipated spending a chunk of my day.

Take my slice of time and money and multiply it by the other parents at not only my day care, but any child care facility or school across the country with parents who have zero regard for other families when they "choose" not to vaccinate their kids and wind up spreading disease. Disease, or the threat of disease, which is also incredibly disruptive. That's a huge cost to the rest of us for your "choice" don't ya think?

Someone owes me some gas money, and approximately three hours. Who's paying up?


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