'Lady Gaga' Parody Tackles Muffin Top (Video)

Pregnancy takes so many things from us, but one of the most painful things it takes is our abs. (Not the abs! Please god, no!) The soft, rippled skin and muffin top are all worth it (right?), but it's painful to watch those flat abs disappear and wonder if they will ever come back. And those first few days after the baby comes? Terrifying!

Who knew that our bodies would deflate so slowly? Yes, it's scary. But every once in a while, a video or song comes along that makes us all laugh and feel good about things. This Lady Gaga parody called "Muffin Top" is not that video. Billed as what would happen if "Lady Gaga had a couple kids and moved to suburban Los Angeles," the video is a terrifying tour of the aftermath of pregnancy.

See for yourself:


The ladies in the video laugh and flap their flab around like some kind of badge of honor, joking in the song that children ruined their bodies. If you have any pregnant friends, do not show them this video!

It's true that bodies change after pregnancy. It's unavoidable. But it's also within the realm of possibility to not have a giant muffin top. And even more to the point, these women look great! If that is a muffin top, what do most women have? You grew a baby in there for god's sake! I bet even Heidi Klum could find some excess skin after four babies.

OK, so the video is meant to be a funny (and it is). Maybe I'm just too sensitive after having two babies myself and getting back to my old weight and size with little effort, but having to work twice as hard to keep my abs flat (boo!). Don't let my bitterness take away from the video. It is, after all, pretty darn funny.

Do you lament your muffin top since having babies?

Image via YouTube

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