Neil Patrick Harris Disses No-Vax, Vegan Parents

Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother
Wonder if Neil tells HIMYM costar Alyson Hannigan to take her advice and shove it, too?
Neil Patrick Harris makes me smile. The How I Met Your Mother star is the proud papa of twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott with partner David Burtka, he's even feeding his baby girl donor breastmilk. But just because he's a new parent doesn't mean he needs old, worn out hand-me-down advice from the likes of you -- or Sara Gilbert. In fact, when the vegan actress, who's recently taken up commenting on all things parenting on CBS's The Talk, offered Neil some vegan parenting advice, he responded with a curt, “Well, you’re a crazy, granola person. Weirdest advice ever!”

So what did Sara say that offended NPH?


Neil said Gilbert's advice included “Not to vaccinate for ages and only feed them certain, weird foods” -- advice I'd likely skip it too. And I might just be tempted to tell her to shove it.

Because let's face it, everyone -- parents and non-parents alike -- thinks they could do a better job raising your little ones than you. And they'll usually try to impart their words of wisdom whether you're in the mood to hear them or not.

I remember one aunt who commented when a younger Kavi -- at maybe around 5-months-old -- was deciding whether or not she'd like to use a binky. In the end, Kavi rejected it, but my aunt warned of nightmare scenarios where the kid uses a pacifier until they're like 10. She made no comment about the fact that her son, instead, sucked his thumb till he was literally about 10. Thanks auntie, but I'll stick to the pacifier, which I actually have the power to take away.

Alas, I'm not as bold with my advice-rejection as Neil Patrick Harris. 

Do you openly reject annoying parenting advice? How do you handle unwanted advice gracefully?

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