Circumcision Decision: Jewish Husband Excuse Invalid?

baby circumcisionThe circumcision debate can be a nasty one. One that my husband prefers I never talk, think, or write about after our own in-house battle when we found out we were having a baby boy. But a blog post over at Kveller has me thinking, and therefore writing, about the 'to cut or not to cut' issue yet again. Sorry, hubs.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer is a Jewish mom who wasn't keen on circumcising her baby boy, but her culture (and her Jewish husband) dictate that a bris follow eight days after the bouncing baby boy's arrival. Tuttle-Singer's agony was similar to my own, although my half-Jewish home allowed for some wiggle room on the issue. 

Some of you will not like her decision, but some of you will allow that her religion gives her an out. Purely from a self-serving point of view, I would absolutely allow that. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Tuttle-Singer opens a door on that iron-clad argument that might take religion off the table.


After all, if a Jewish family struggles with a long-held tradition, why shouldn't everyone? Tuttle-Singer describes her faith as such:

I have been raised to believe that circumcision symbolizes a profound covenant with God. It's a ritual that has existed for thousands of years, and I always believed that if I had a son, I would want him to take part in this time-honored tradition.

Then asserts (rightly, in my opinion):

But I also believe that intrinsic to being Jewish--hell, to being a person--is to question long-held assumptions and beliefs, no matter how inviolable and sacrosanct they may seem.

So now when my back-up answer (defense, really) is that my husband is Jewish, I wouldn't disagree with an eye-roll. But then again, I'm not sure I ever really did buy that argument. Of course that doesn't mean my Jewish husband isn't wholly convinced. But I'm totally not asking him, (and praying he skips this post in his daily reading) as we agreed this discussion would never, ever, happen again.

Jewish parents, does this make you question your pro-circ stance?


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