Triplets Born 11 Years Apart

triplets born 11 years apart

Eleven years ago, Lisa and Adrian Shepherd turned to in vitro fertilization as a way to make their dream of becoming parents come true. Luckily, the treatment was successful and two embryos were implanted and the Shepherds welcomed twin girls --Megan and Bethany.

But that's not the end of this story: The twins now have a sister, but their baby sister was conceived at the same time as they were 11 years ago.


The IVF treatment which resulted in the birth of the twins also produced twelve viable embryos which were frozen in the event that the Shepherds chose to have more children one day. In this case, it was a day well in the future.

"It seemed strange to think that we were using embryos that we had stored all those years ago, that were conceived at the same time as the girls. We didn't know if it would work and we agreed that we would just have one go with one embryo. We asked the girls what they thought about having another addition to the family and they really wanted it."

No matter how they got here, this family is blessed. Not every IVF story ends up with three healthy babies, no matter how many years apart they may be.

But to get technical, are these sisters triplets born separately? Or merely siblings?

What do you think? 


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