Elton John & David Furnish Are New Dads: How Did They Do It?

Elton John David FurnishSir Elton John may be too old to adopt, but he and husband David Furnish are finally new dads anyway. The couple brought home little Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John after he was born on Christmas Day.

It's more than a year since officials in the Ukraine declared 62-year-old John too old to be a dad to a 14-month-old boy with HIV. They said his marriage to the 48-year-old Furnish wasn't recognized, so the filmmaker couldn't adopt either (not to mention he was too old too). So how did they get their little 7 lbs, 15 oz tiny dancer?


They called on a surrogate here in the states to carry their son. Because if you can't adopt, you procreate, right? Hey, it worked for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick! And quite possibly soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The couple has said they won't release any details on the arrangement to protect the privacy of the woman. But let's face it, John and Furnish may well be trying to protect their son as well. There's no way of telling whose sperm was used -- if either man's -- and whether the woman carrying the boy was simply a gestational carrier, meaning she had no relation to the child, or a traditional surrogate providing not only her womb but her eggs as well.

With one dad considered one of the most successful musicians in the world (Elton John is worth more than $500 million), Zachary will face enough invasive questions in his life. Good on Furnish and John for keeping a little mystery there. Were you surprised to hear John and Furnish have a new baby after their trouble with adoption?


Image via Getty Images/ Ian Gavan/Stringer

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