Amy Adams Defies Hollywood, Keeps Baby Weight

Amy Adams Parade CoverAmy Adams, superstar actress and mom to 7-month-old Aviana should win an award! Yes, she deserves accolades for her acting abilities, but I propose she receive a big gold star for not buying into that whole I-just-had-a-baby-and-I-weigh-100-pounds thing that seems to happen to actresses in Hollywood.

Amy found out she was pregnant just as she wrapped the filming of her latest movie, The Fighter. And even for that role, the director encouraged her to look like a real woman and not a hard body even though she was going to be wearing half-tops. And now, post-baby, Amy is embracing the extra pounds . Isn't that refreshing? Isn't that the kind of woman you want to see on the big screen?

The lovely Amy told Parade:

“I’ve been working out when I can, and I’m trying to eat in a healthful way, but losing weight is not my number-one priority."

That deserves a standing ovation!


It is twice as hard to swallow celebrities who seemingly drop their baby weight overnight when you stop to consider that all of those actresses have round the clock nannies, personal chefs, trainers, and gyms that are built right inside their beautiful mansions (and tummy tucks! Yes I'm saying it!). It makes it more difficult for all of us regular moms to feel good about ourselves when we don't feel quite like our old selves. Which is why I loved the fact that Amy also said this:

"It’s part of my job to return to some semblance of what I was before. But I don’t feel I’ve ever made my career on my rockin’ bod. Being pregnant finally helped me understand what my true relationship was with my body - meaning that it wasn't put on this earth to look good in a swimsuit".

Don't we all feel exactly that same way? Wouldn't we all would like to feel like the woman we were before we had a baby? Even if she's slightly softer and rounder in some places?

Becoming a mother is such an emotional and physical change and we should always remember that we look different because of the amazing transformation we just went  through that gave us our babies. Thanks to Amy Adams for reminding us of that.

What was your first priority after you had your baby? Were you worried about losing the weight fast?

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