Baby Saves Family From Burning House

If you have ever cursed your baby (or the universe) for an early morning wake up call, then maybe this story out of Australia will lend some perspective. One family is thanking their lucky stars they have a 7-month-old who can't sleep through the night yet after getting a 1 a.m. wake up call that saved all of their lives.

The family was shaken, but grateful after their baby woke them up in time to notice the entire back half of their house was on fire. They are convinced that they would not have awakened otherwise.

Mr Pezzin said his family had a lucky escape. I feel that if we had been woken by the smoke detectors it could have been a different story because (the smoke) was very thick and dark,  he said.

Wow. I may never be angry at a midnight waking again.


In the worst of it, we could probably all use a little perspective that this too shall pass. One of the best pieces of parenting advice I ever received was while I was pregnant with my first child and my aunt told me a story about a midnight waking with her then 8-month-old.

She said she was so upset and angry at being pulled from her warm bed until she thought about all the lonely people in the world for whom getting up with a baby would actually be a dream come true. She also thought about all the older people with grown children who would give anything to hold their chubby babies one more time. And then she was peaceful.

I thought of that story a lot during my daughter's shaky first six weeks before she slept through the night (we were very lucky with her) and then later through my son's 15 months of midnight wakings. Now they both sleep blessedly through the night and I am missing my little babies.

It goes fast. So if it takes a little fire story to lend some perspective, I say read it and know just how lucky you are.

Do you ever hate midnight wakings?

Image via Flickr/111 Emergency


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