Go Ahead & Cheat Baby on His First Christmas!

Baby's first Christmas is a magical time where family gets together and celebrates the new life that has come into their lives in the past year. It's also the best year to totally cheap out on gifts for baby!

Oh I know, it sounds like blasphemy, but let's get real, that sweet little darling, whether he's one day old or 11 months, isn't going to remember this day one bit. And even if he does, he will remember a feeling, not the amount of bling his mama handed him. So feel free to cheap out on baby. 

As children grow, Christmas becomes more and more about the gimmes. I now have a 2.5-year-old and nearly 4-year-old who cannot walk into Target without asking for everything they see, and because I'm their mom/Santa, I want to get it for them.


Babies, on the other hand, those blessed, beautiful, innocent creatures, want nothing more than cuddles, milk, and playtime. They don't want Zhu Zhu pets or Tinkerbell lip gloss or doll houses or Power Rangers. All they want is you. And maybe a cute dress.

The reason "Baby's First Christmas" has become so hyped is more about the parents than the baby himself. It's the same principle that has caused some to tone down the elaborate first birthdays of yesteryear. Celebrate baby all the time, but don't shower him with material items he won't even notice.

A friend of mine wraps up paper towel rolls and miscellaneous home items to give her babies the joy of opening gifts for their first holiday, but she reserves the bigger gifts for the older ones who care about what they get.

This is the first year in which my daughter is actively excited for Santa. She asks every day whether he came yet and can't stand to wait another minute. She and all the little ones at her preschool are equally excited and, yes, it's insanely cute. She is in the sweet spot between rampant materialism and adorable wonder at the whole thing. But she would notice if we didn't give her the dolly she asked for or the lip gloss or the toy cell phone.

So why not take advantage of the fact that baby's first holiday is really a time where you can celebrate the true meaning -- family togetherness and harmony -- without spending insane amounts of cash and watching your child tear through 400 boxes of things they don't need?

Instead make a donation in baby's name or buy some kind of keepsake ornament for the tree so when he's a little older, he will have something that lets him know you cherished him, not what you could buy him.

Do you give your baby a lot of gifts for his first holiday?


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