The Chaotic But Beautiful Signs 'Children Live Here'

My house isn't perfect, nor do I care if it is. We have toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, stains on the rug. Sometimes I envy the houses of friends with older children (or none at all!). But such is the cost of having small children, one I don't regret for a moment.

Heather of Musing Mommy is a good friend of mine, and she shared an absolutely beautiful poem she wrote that all moms should appreciate.

It's called "Children Live Here."


When we welcome you here today
We hope that you enjoy your stay
But one thing we ask you hold dear
Please remember: children live here

There are toys on the floor
Some marks on the door
Clothes scattered in the hall
And marker on the wall
We'll repaint it someday
But we have no time today

There are things in the sink
A Barbie skating rink
This stuff doesn't bother us
And real friends don't raise a fuss
They know the reason is clear
Yes, they know children live here

Instead of cleaning the wall
We went out and learned about Fall
In lieu of the porch being swept
I held the baby who slept
Those clothes were for dress up
While I cleaned a bigger mess up
And the noise tells everyone near
There's no doubt children live here

The happy laughter means more
Than seeing all of the floor
And please respect those kids
For this home is hers and his
We hold our family dear
And you knew children live here.


Thanks, Heather, for such a beautiful poem.

Can you relate?


Image via zen/Flickr

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