Scrooge Mom Returns Kids Presents for Cash

scrooge mom returns kids presentsHaving just finished a conversation with my daughter about why it's better to give than receive on Christmas, someone goes and screws a charity and proves me wrong. Amanda Beard (not the Olympic swimmer with the saucy memoir), a mom to four kids who were beneficiaries of Kentucky's "Shop with a Cop" program for needy kids, was busted returning her kids' gifts to a store in exchange for cash.

The only thing worse is if someone had witnessed her heading straight to the liquor store after pocketing more than $100 from the exchanged gifts from the charity that spent $600 on toys for Beard's four children.

Although a part of me thinks the kids wouldn't be missing a Transformer if they were wallowing in $600 worth of presents. And what if Beard really needed the money for Christmas dinner?


Beard says it was a misunderstanding, and she was returning the gifts to get gifts the kids really needed. However, no receipts for other presents purchased have surfaced, so her claim is being questioned as she is charged with theft by deception.

Again, I would tend to believe the mom to four, and maybe even cut her a break for using toy money in a smarter way, except the police report said Beard has been deceptive with food stamps and living expenses before. Additionally, the father to two of the kids says his children are not needy and shouldn't have received the gifts in the first place.

So it's all sounding pretty bad for the mom who is out on bail for the holidays, but probably not having a very merry Christmas.

Do you think she should be allowed to use the gifts to get cash for other things?


Image via striatic/Flickr

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