Should Mariah Carey Pimp Out Her Twins to the Tabloids?

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez made a lot of $$ of this cover.
Parents-to-be Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon spent much of her pregnancy trying to keep the whole thing on the down-low for the first trimester. But since announcing the impending expansion of their family in October, they sure have been chatty about it. Not only have they confirmed the pregnancy, but they recently announced that like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, they are having twins (although they're still not sharing a due date). 

Yay! Congrats to them. But this has me wondering, how long will it be before the ink dries on the contracts for their fabulous newborn photos? After all, celebrity babies -- and especially twins -- bring in big bucks these days. 


And we can't give them too much flak about it. After all, they'd be in good company. Previous celebs who have pimped out their twins -- wonder if they scored twice the paycheck? -- include Lopez, Celine Dion, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It's almost like, how could they not?  

Except that some celebs have managed not to. Like Nicole Kidman -- who's currently fending off baby bump rumors again -- and husband Keith Urban, who refused to cut a multimillion-dollar deal for their first photos of daughter Sunday Rose. Of course, since then, given constant paparazzi presence, they haven't been able to avoid the spotlight for the toddler. So is it even worth it to fight it? Why not make a few million to pad your kid's trust fund? 

Given the constant play-by-play we all get these days on Facebook and its ilk, how much to share -- and sometimes overshare -- is a dilemma all parents face. Celebrities get paid for their troubles. (They just have to hope that a bigger "news story" doesn't trump their little ones' photos, like it did for Celine Dion and her babies.) 

Besides, pictures of lovey-dovey new celebrity parents and their squishy, rolly-polly little ones give everyone the warm fuzzies, no?

Which makes me ask myself, if I was Mariah and Nick, would I pimp my kids out to People or the highest bidder? Yes. I do think I would. Besides, Kavya's newborn pictures were simply adorable. So Mariah and Nick, can't wait to check out your baby photos! In the meantime, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. 

If you were an A-lister, would you sell the first photos of your kids to a celeb magazine?


Image via People Magazine

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