Baby Born to Youngest Parents in the UK

Baby Jamie

When I was 14, I loved Duran Duran, was getting ready to start high school, and I think I had asymmetrical hair. April Webster is 14 years old and she is now a teen mother. In November, she gave birth to a baby boy named Jamie.

Baby Jamie's father is also 14 years old. That means that April got pregnant when she was just 13, and that makes them the youngest parents to have a child in England.

Can you imagine having a baby when you were 14 years old? Forget Justin Bieber or going to the mall. How would you feel if you were the parent of a teen who was going to have a baby at that age?


April and her boyfriend Nathan were having unprotected sex, and April said she was too embarrassed to talk to her parents about the fact that she was sexually active. I think every parent wants to feel like their children can talk to them about anything. Even the things they don't really want to hear.

April's parents (who are, oh my gosh, in their 30s) have been foster parents before and are helping April raise baby Jamie. April and the baby live at home with them, and although she has dropped out of her traditional school, she is attending classes at a school for young mothers. It seems as though baby Jamie's father is also involved in the baby's life, but they are not necessarily still a couple.

It sounds as though Baby Jamie is getting off to a good start and his parents have a lot of support. 

Would you want to know if your 13-year-old was having unprotected sex? Do you think April and Nathan should try to stay together to help raise the baby?


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