Merry Christmas! Much Better Than Bah Humbug!

christmas twinsIt's Christmas. Joy to the world! Jingle some bells! Deck those halls! But so many of us really want to be the grinch, say bah humbug and get the day over with. Times, sigh,  they are quite tough. A lot of us are struggling. Money is tight, soldiers are in danger, jobs are being lost -- it is a rough time. Yet judging by the amount of people I saw shopping the other day, so many of us think that the holidays are all about spending money and gift giving. Which they are. Sort of. In a way. Particularly for kids. Remember though, even if your tree didn't have a lot of presents under it, gifts aren't always just things you buy at the store.

See those kids in the photo? My gifts. My twins. I was blessed with them last year on December 1st. Last year they were 3 weeks old (and 3 weeks premature) on Christmas. And it was the best gift I ever received. And this year, the fact that I kept them alive for a whole year is another reason to celebrate. Another gift. A gift I made!


As cheesy-poof as it sounds, we are all gifts. Oh yes we are. At least if you have been nice. Kindness is a gift to others. Being there for a friend is like a gift. Though if you have been naughty, especially when it counts, that is certainly a gift as well. (At least my husband thinks so.)

And you, oh ye faithful readers of The Stir, you are all gifts. Oh yes you are. Even you naughty ones. Even the readers who thought the sexual bucket list was something for hookers only. Even those who took the side of the TSA over the breastfeeding mom.

It's been an awesome year, for me personally and professionally. So thank you, readers, for making The Stir such a great place to come and read your ever so lively commentary. Each of your comments are like little gifts, some wrapped in prettier paper than others, but gifts just the same.

On behalf of all of us at The Stir, Merry Christmas! Happy Yule! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy holidays! We hope you enjoy all your gifts, big and small, store-bought and heartfelt, and we hope you see gifts in the littlest of things -- like the marshmallows in your cocoa, the sass in our posts, the smile on your kids' faces.

Happy happy joy joy!

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