Neil Patrick Harris: Poster Child for La Leche League?

Neil Patrick HarrisCould Neil Patrick Harris find his next gig as the new poster child for La Leche League? Maybe not, but his use of breast milk to feed his 9-week-old daughter, Harper Grace, is a pretty good nod to the power of a mother's milk.

Harris and his partner David Burtka welcomed their twins, who were conceived via a surrogate, back in October -- a boy and a girl. While Gideon is reportedly a good eater, sleeper, and burper, little Harper has been having some ongoing tummy troubles.

From hypoallergenic formula to more swaddling, the dads tried everything, until they tried the magic of breast milk.


“Harper was very fussy ... she was always in a state of angst," he said during a recent appearance on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. "So we switched formulas a couple of times and now we’re having to have breast milk brought in.”

He said he “tried for like two months” to produce it on his own (he was joking), then they started getting it from a milk bank. He continued to joke about the process.

“You have to have breast milk shipped in. I think it’s a racket,” he said. “Seriously, if someone is in Santa Monica -- down the street and wants to provide milk -- it has to go on a plane to San Jose and get fertilized and pasteurized and boiled and whatever happens in little bottles."

While effective, Harris said it's not a cheap solution.

"They charge a fortune! It cost more for breast milk than sushi! I like sushi and it's not inexpensive, but you at least figure, alright, they have to go that morning and get the fish and there's a lot of labour involved ... you know, you stick a thing on her hee-haw, and it just sucks out some milk and they're charging a fortune!"

Her "hee-haw"? Really Neil, it's OK to call it a nipple, but good for you for giving your daughter breast milk!

Have you ever used breast milk from a milk bank? Are you surprised that Neil Patrick Harris does?

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