Doctors Misdiagnose Miscarriage

preemie babyRachel Lennard was told she suffered a miscarriage when she was seven weeks into her pregnancy. Heartbroken. After having to wait days for an ultrasound, she then then she found out she hadn't miscarried and was still pregnant

Can you imagine how excited she must have been? After those few minutes where she must have been really pissed at her doctors for that misdiagnosis!?

You would think that would be enough bad news for one pregnancy, but at just 25 weeks and a little over half way through her pregnancy, Rachel's water broke when she was picking up her older son from school.


She was rushed to a hospital where just one week later baby Faith was born with serious health issues and weighing just over one pound. After spending two more months in a neonatal unit, Faith was released and allowed to go home. That means this "Miracle Baby"is coming home to celebrate Christmas with her mother and father and 3-year-old brother Calum.

If that's not enough -- after enduring all of that, Baby Faith was sent home on the day of her actual due date. I don't know about you, but reading a story like that makes me believe in miracles after all.

Congratulations to the Lennard family! I'm sure this will be a Christmas they will never forget!

Do you believe in miracles? Are you surprised that a doctor would tell a mother to prepare for the worst without a scan or an ultrasound to back it up?

Image via Daily Mail

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