Giving Birth at the Convenience Store: Double Big Gulp!


Can you imagine? One minute you are nine months pregnant, making a quick stop at the Minit Market for some last-minute supplies, and the next thing you know, you are giving birth in the parking lot, a complete stranger delivering your baby?

Well that's just what happened when a man named "Joe" stopped at the market one night after work. I'm sure he never dreamed that after picking up a snack, he'd help deliver a baby

Mother Keri Lavetan's water broke at the store and she was apparently waiting for an ambulance when Joe saw the woman in labor and stepped in to help. Then, after the baby was born, he simply walked away!

I'm sure I would have a few words for someone who did something like that for me. Did they ever find him again?


Yes! Thank goodness Lavetan was able to track down her good Samaritan Joe Lesoken and has since spoken to him on the phone. I don't know what I could say to someone who helped deliver my baby in an emergency, but I'm sure I would have expressed an astounding amount of gratitude and several dozen thank-yous!

I also can't imagine what was going through Joe's head as he realized he was about to help deliver a baby! From reading the article, it was something like this: "This is really going to happen. This is really going to happen now."

Lesoken found a bag full of clothes in the back of Lavetan's Hyundai and balled them up to make a pillow for Lavetan. With some guidance from a 911 dispatcher, he used a shirt to catch the baby. He also tried to comfort Lavetan, especially when she said, "I can't do this."

What an amazing guy! If he hadn't been brave and willing to help, who knows what would have happened to that mom and baby?

What would you say to a stranger who helped deliver your baby? Would a simple thank you ever be enough?


 Image via I Should Be Folding Laundry/Flickr

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