A Nursery Bright Enough to Banish Gray Skies

Baby 29

Several weeks ago, during my daily blog travels, I came across this super-bright nursery on Joy Ever After. I immediately made a note to share it with you -- and today's the day! The sky is so dreary right now that I could use a jolt of color to get my creative juices flowing, and I thought you might be in the same boat.

When Gina and Robbie were preparing this playful nursery, they didn't know what gender their baby was. So they made a bold decision. Instead of creating a "gender neutral" feel with pale neutral colors, they went in the opposite direction and put together a bright and dramatic -- but still gender neutral -- room. Plus, they managed the whole thing on a tight budget.

I think this is hands down the brightest bedroom I've come across! Take the tour and see if you agree.

The walls are painted in two solid colors. They used Valspar paint: Tangerine on two walls and Bayside on the other two.

Each piece of furniture is a hand-me-down item that Gina and Robbie refinished to create a matching set. They sanded it all down, painted it white, then added new dresser knobs to match the baby bedding.

I love the surprise color you see when you open the drawers. (If these dressers were in my house, I would be tempted to leave the drawers open all the time to show off my mad painting skillz.)

For bedding, they picked Summersault Geo Brights from Target and picked up the matching valance as well.

For the garland, they sewed stacks of felt circles to mimic the bedding, then strung them on a rope with clothespins.

The frames above the crib are the same frames they used as wedding decorations. Gina said, "It was really neat to turn around and use them for our baby's room 9 months later!" They painted the frames in bright shades and they were good to go.

They also installed a new white ceiling fan and added two lamps and a fresh, lime green rug.

It took Robbie and Gina a solid month to paint and refinish the furniture. She says, "It was A LOT OF WORK, but it was fun and so worth it. We are exceedingly pleased with the results!"

I can see why, Gina! I would be pleased too. : )

What do you think, Dear Readers? Would you ever go for a super-bright bedroom in your home?

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ZaisMum ZaisMum

I loveeee the colors!!! Where we live we cant paint the walls, so I just have jungle animal decals up... but when we get a house, or another apartment where they WILL allow us to paint, I would definitely like these colors for my sons room!! I never thought of both those colors on the walls together! I really wanted him to have an orange nursery!!

Sandy Morello



nonmember avatar Melissa

I think it's great for a playroom...bright, vibrant; energetic-but not for a nursery. I think a nursery should be calming, relaxing, nurturing; a place of rest. But great for a playroom :)

Jamie King Maccaroni

I love it! But, then again, my daughter's nursery had a bright pink (dragonfruit, I think) focal wall. And sealed concrete floors. To each, his own : )

Thais Godinho

I think it's amazing! I'd just use white on the crib for calm inspiration.

nonmember avatar sarah k

Like: that it's colorful. I am bored to tears by the all-white nurseries I see so often online. Plus they look COLD. And honestly, am I the only person whose child would puke and poop all over that white bedding and white rug and white chair??? So I like some color.

Dislike: I'm really over the whole different colors on different walls thing, unless the wall structure requires it (an open floor plan, etc). In a normal square room with four walls, I would have picked just one color and accented with the other.

Love: that they did it themselves and on a budget! Good for them!

sodapple sodapple

i like it, i even love the dresser, it's painted inside!!! =-D never tought about that.

Cheryl Hislop-Lescheid

I like it but think the orange and blue walls are a bit much. I would probably go all blue and keep orange as the accent. LOVE everything else - especially the dresser knobs and the felt garland! Love is in the details right?

London3 London3

I love it.  It's creative, unique and cheery.  If I were still having kids, I would do something similar.

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