Baby Formula Theft Ring Busted

Baby FormulaA massive baby formula theft ring was busted in Oregon this week. Baby formula theft? I know baby formula is not cheap, but I didn't realize it was becoming a black market item!

An Oregon couple have been accused of stealing more than $2.5 million worth of infant formula from Safeway. Apparently they did this over a period of four years. How they did it is another question -- did someone pretend to be pregnant and smuggle cans out in a fake belly? That's a lot of formula!

There are so many things wrong with this story. The fact that someone was stealing, that they were stealing something that is essential for babies, and oh yeah, that they apparently were doing this for four whole years!


Police said they were able to recover 486 cans of stolen formula from the couple’s home, worth about $20 each. First of all, how does anyone steal 486 cans of anything? Granted, I've supplemented with formula and so I know the $20 cans are smaller in size and were probably easier to steal, but to think they made that many trips out of a store with stolen goods is mind-boggling.

Not to mention, I know times are tough these days. Families all over are struggling financially. Formula feeding a baby can be a major expense, but there are so many options available to new parents who need formula that no one should resort to stealing or buying stolen goods! Buying in bulk online or from outlet stores can result in substantial savings. If that doesn't seem like an option, new moms can always talk to their pediatrician's offices. Often times they can provide sample cans of formula, or connect you with resources to help you offset the cost.

And one word: breastfeeding. Totally free.

What do you think should happen to the couple accused of running a baby formula ring?


Image via geocam2000/Flickr

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