6 Holiday Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mom

Whether you're adding things to your wishlist or baby registry or shopping for a fellow mom, there are some goodies that are both necessary evils or just nice to have when you're breastfeeding. Fortunately, they can be adorable and affordable.

I did some searching and found some great gifts for the breastfeeding mom that even a cheapskate like me could afford.


Nipple Relief: To soothe those chapped nipples or help them stay soft to prevent chapping, Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter is a mere $3.75 (normally $15!) at Tiny Tot Boutique.

Nursing Bras: Though it could be odd to give a bra to a friend, at this price it's hard to turn it down: Diapers.com has Le Leche League and Lamaze Intimate nursing bras on sale for as little as $9.49 apiece! Target carries super-comfortable Gilligan & O'Malley nursing bras for $12.99.

nursing bra

Lactation Cookies: In case mom is concerned about supply, will be going back to work and needs a little boost, or talks about increasing her supply for any reason, Milk Makers cookies are both yummy and effective. Gift certificates for a one-month supply are $50, or you could buy the ingredients and try your hand at cookie-baking yourself.

milk makers cookies

Washable Nursing Pads: For the leaky new mom, Kushies Washable Nursing Pads ($6.89 for 3 pairs on Amazon) are not only way soft, but not wasteful either. Made of just flannel, they still allow airflow while catching any rogue milk. Mama's Little Helper makes bamboo nursing pads, which are naturally antimicrobial ($3.50 for 2 pairs on Amazon). For $6.49 on Amazon, you can also get the little zipper storage case so the new mom can keep them organized and safe in her diaper bag or purse.

breastpad storage case

Nursing Cover... or Not: To help a mom feel comfortable while perfecting her latch in public, or for those modest moms, UdderCovers.com always has some sale code. Right now, the code Christmas gets the 3-piece set of a cover, bracelet to help you remember which side you nursed on last, and 2 pairs of flannel nursing pads for $5. For the confident and maybe even slightly show-off lactivist mom, who can forget the Boobie Beanie, for $15 on Etsy -- available in a variety of skin tones!

The Gift of Support: Of course, one of the difficult things about being a breastfeeding mom is the need for education and support, so pony-up a membership to your local La Leche League (though memberships aren't necessary to attend!), and get her some good information, like a copy of the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding for $13.60 on Amazon.

womanly art of breastfeeding book

What would you buy for a nursing mom, or what would you like to receive if you are one?

Images via Tiny Tot Boutique; Etsy

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