5 Holiday Gifts for the Little Beethoven

Babies love to bang on pianos and run their pudgy, little fingers over guitar strings and bang on drums. If they had a favorite line from a song, it would probably be "I just want to bang on the drums all day." So why not give them what they want and maybe even help them develop a skill along the way?

Musical development is an important part of a baby's education and it's fun, to boot. Little babies like all kinds of music, not just kids' music or classical.

Here are five gifts for the budding musical genius your baby (or your friend's baby) is likely to become:


Baby grand: $100

By far the most appropriate surface on which the budding musical genius can tickle the ivories! Complete with a little seat and a comfortable position for little hands, this piano trains well for the real thing a few years later. 

Xylopiano: $21.99

If your ears can take it, this is a great gift for the little ones. These toys are great for just playing around with music and sounds that eventually become rhythms and actual melodies.

Munchkin Mozart Cube: $14.54

This cube has been around for at least a decade, but it's one of the most magical toys to a little baby. Hit one side and gets lights and music, make a band, play just one instrument. Perfect for little hands.

Guitar teether: $12

If you want to make sure your baby has an appreciation for all things music-related, make sure he gets his hands (and teeth) on this wooden teether. A perfect little gift for the future folk singer!

Musical note toss and grab ball: $15

Maybe just by holding this ball close and playing with it, your baby will absorb some of the notes. OK, probably not. But at least it will expose him or her to the concept and it can't hurt to start early in a way a baby will "grasp" (get it? huh? Get it? Grasp?).


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