Baby Named 'Fifa' in Honor of World Cup Bid

soccer ballsA couple in Qatar was so excited when they found out their country would be host to the World Cup in 2022 that they named their baby for the organization responsible for the ultimate soccer match -- Fifa. While they originally planned to name the girl Dana, when she was born on the same day the World Cup news was announced, the couple took it as sign from the soccer gods and changed it to honor the Federation Internationale de Football Association

The parents are serious soccer fans. They also have a son named Saqr -- or "soccer" when translated phonetically from Arabic. Their passion for the sport is great, and the entire country's excitement about hosting the event is heartwarming. But isn't naming your child after your own passion going a little too far?


While Fifa is actually a pretty cute little name, such a strategy could go horribly wrong too. Imagine if the parents were into wresting (WWF) or baseball (MLB).

Don't laugh, plenty of parents give their children ridiculous names based on their sports interests.

A few years back a sports-loving couple named their son ESPN Montana -- for the sports network and footballer legend Joe Montana. As strange as that is, they weren't the only ones who had the uh ... unique thought. They found several other Espns scattered about the country.

Earlier this year, a couple in Alabama named their son Crimson Tide Redd in honor of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team.

People name their babies after everything from werewolves to cars (hello, Mercedes), but those aren't as defining as being named after a sport, team, or hobby. I mean what if Fifa grows up to hate soccer? Or little Saqr sucks at kicking a ball? What happens when Crimson Tide grows up and wants to go to school in Georgia?

It just seems like you're putting a lot of pressure on the kid to like what you like instead of letting them figure out their own passions.

But like my mother-in-law says, you get to name your own children, and that's it. So welcome little Fifa, I hope you get really good seats to watch the World Cup when it comes to your country ... if your then-tween self wants them and isn't too pissed at your parents for giving you that name.

What do you think of people who name their kids after their own passions?

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