Lose the Baby Weight Through Stripping!

April Peveteaux

amy adams strip to lose weightBreast milk news, celebrity gossip, and bizarre health issues this week in baby links I'm loving. Dig in:

While I'd prefer to also think of Amy Adams as a sweet, innocent-but-hilarious, young thing, Adams blew the interviewer's mind when she gave away her post-baby weight loss secret: exotic dancing. -- Celebrity Baby Scoop

Who knew there were shady online milk banks out there for moms who are looking for breast milk when they don't have enough -- or any -- of their own? Dr. Sanjay Gupta knows, and he (and the FDA) sent out a warning for new moms to stay away from any random milk sharing online. Will you listen? -- CNN

Having weird thumb pain after the birth of your child? You might have Mommy Thumb. That's right, Mommy Thumb. Everything has a name these days, doesn't it? -- Lil Sugar


Image via nerissa's ring/Flickr

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