Grandmother Gives Birth to Triplet Grandbabies

Have you heard about the 56-year-old woman who was a surrogate mother for her daughter and gave birth to triplets? They were on the Today show the other day. Kim Coseno desperately wanted kids with her new husband (she has two teenagers from her first marriage), but she had a partial hysterectomy so her mom, Jaci Dalenberg, volunteered to carry a baby for her. That baby turned out to be three.


Dalenberg told Meredith Vieira she was doing it out of a "mother's love" for her daughter. She underwent in vitro fertilization treatments and all that it entails, using her daughters eggs (her ovary still works). She had been pregnant four times before so she knew what she was in for, but said, "at this point in your life, going through a pregnancy isn’t just a walk in the park." The babies were born in October, two months early, but everyone is doing fine.

What do you think about a grandmother carrying her grandchildren? Act of motherly love or taking science too far?


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