Car Seat Miracle Saves Baby in Deadly Police Chase

baby survives car crash police chase
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What started as a suspect being pulled over on a Texas highway ended in a death and a miracle yesterday as a 3-month-old baby was cut out of a mangled car, upset, but alive. The craziness began outside of Houston as a robbery suspect led the police on a car chase that resulted in a crash where the car ran over a fence and flipped over, killing the driver.

As police surrounded the car they heard a baby crying, which I can only imagine completely freaked them all out. But the lucky 3-month-old survived the crash, hanging upside down in her car seat.

Jeez louise. It makes you wonder who would lead police on a high-speed chase with a baby in the back seat. Not her father, since he was in the police cruiser at the time.


Hopping mad at his friend who decided to take off with his baby in the backseat, I can only imagine.

Pops wound up in the back seat under questioning as he matched the description of a robbery suspect. As police questioned the father of the baby, the passenger locked all of the car doors and fled. Thus leading the police on a dangerous chase where they threw up a road block that caused the driver to off-road it and flip the car.

That guy might be lucky he's dead considering what the father of the baby in the back seat might have done to him otherwise. Incidentally, the father was released without any charges. But it makes you wonder what the guy in his passenger seat was hiding.

But even more than that juicy piece of information, I really want to know what brand of car seat that baby was in, don't you?

Is this affirmation for car seat safety or a Christmas miracle?


Image via o5com/Flickr



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