Baby Killed at Day Care: Owner Gets Just 1 Year Probation

GavelA Pennsylvania day care owner and her daughter have been sentenced to a year probation in the death of a 10-month-old baby. The police believe the baby was killed by a 7-year-old while in the care of the woman and her daughter.

Like millions of moms, I have a baby who is in full time day care and a lump in my throat after reading about what happened. Even though they were not personally responsible, I still have a hard time accepting the verdict that was handed down.


Authorities believe that a 7-year-old child hurt the 10-month-old by beating her and throwing her onto a carpeted concrete floor, which fractured the baby's skull. Police say it happened in 2008 at an in-home day care center when the children were temporarily left alone.

It's not known from the article if this at-home day care center had a license or if this was a case of someone watching kids in her home without any type of accreditation. To obtain accreditation, day care centers need to meet state requirements that, among other things, mandate the ratio of babies to caregivers. Precisely to keep things like this from happening! 

If this day care chose to operate without proper regulation, I think the penalty should have been much more severe. If they were operating with a license but no one was keeping an eye on the place? That's even worse.

The day care is now closed and the owner has apologized in court, but that seems like little consolation. I think they were ultimately responsible for what happened to the baby and to think that one year from now, they could open another day care and start all over again? It seems so. very. wrong.

Do you think a one-year probation sentence is severe enough for these circumstances? Does this make you worried about day care?


Image via steakpinball/Flickr

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